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Showing posts with label STREAMING TV. Show all posts
Showing posts with label STREAMING TV. Show all posts

Friday, 25 April 2014

Google ChromeCast – A revolutionary Video Streaming Device is now Available in India

Few months back Google Inc has launched a thumb sized media streaming device that could revolutionize your TV viewing experience. Till Last month this device was out of reach for Indian Audience but not anymore. Now if you have Rs.3100 rupees in your pocket then you can also have this device and start enjoying HD Video content from your Mobile device to your HD TV.
If you are not aware about Google ChromeCast, here is breif introduction:

What is ChromeCast:
Chromecast is a small device through which you can send your favorite online shows , Movies, youTube Videos from your Mobile/Table to your HD TV. To do this you just need to plug Chromecart into the HDMI port of your TV.
Why I should Use Google Chrome Cast:
Here is what Official site of Google Chromecast has to say about the use of this device
"With Chromecast, you can easily enjoy your favorite online entertainment on your HDTV—movies, TV shows, music, and more from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies and Music, and Chrome. No more huddling around small screens and tiny speakers. Chromecast automatically updates to work with a growing number of apps."
Key Featured:
ChromeCast works or comparitble with almost all devices that are available in the market, be it Android Phones, Iphone, Chrome Browser, it works with everything. All you need to do is install a simple app in your handheld device and plug ChromeCast device in your TV.
To Download ChromeCast app from Google Play Store: Click here
  1. Remote Free: With ChromeCast , you don';t need to have remote in your hand, you can control playback, adjust volume right inside from your smartphone of tablet
  2. Plug in & Play: Using ChromeCast is no rocket Science, just plug devices in your TV,connect it over WiFi then video from your handheld device to your TV and watch with your friends & Family

How Can i Buy Google ChromeCast in India:

Till few days Google Chromecast was available only for US residents but now many E-commece Sites like Amazon, Ebay have this at lowest prices for Indians.
The price of Google Chromecast in india is just Rs.3045 at Buy it from Amazon here @ 3045
Other Sites from whch you can buy Google ChromeCast
Some Important  FAQs about Google ChromeCast:
What apps can I cast from on my smartphone or tablet?
Casting is currently supported from HBO GO, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music and a growing number of other apps. Amazon Instant Video is not currently supported.
What video formats work with casting a tab from Chrome?
Almost every video you can view in your Chrome browser should work, including Flash videos. Video formats that require other plugins, such as Silverlight and Quicktime, may not work.
Can I plug my Chromecast into an audio/video receiver?
Yes, you may plug in your Chromecast into an audio/video receiver with an HDMI input.

Posted By: Pawan Lubana on Friday, 25 April 2014

Thursday, 3 April 2014

13 Iconic Movie Quotes With Internet-Obsessed Twists

Posted By: Pawan Lubana on Thursday, 3 April 2014

'Mean Girls' and 'Titanic' Are Finally on Netflix


Oh my god, Karen, you can't just ask people what they're watching on Netflix.
But if Karen, the ditzy Mean Girls character, did ask Netflix users about their viewing preferences in April, they might answer with one of the many films and TV shows available to stream this month — Mean Girls included. It's not even Oct. 3. So fetch, right?
The new additions come after Netflix's massive purge on Jan. 1. Below, you'll find nearly 40 of the titles that have already arrived or will come to Netflix in April.

Movies Available as of April 1

  • A League Of Their Own

  • Amistad

  • Braveheart

  • Chinatown

  • Coneheads

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

  • Jumanji

  • Lars And The Real Girl

  • Mean Girls

  • Rocky
  • (the first five films)
  • Titanic
  • Titanic

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet star in Titanic from 1997.
  • Scary Movie 3

  • Steel Magnolias

  • The Diving Bell And The Butterfly

  • The English Patient

  • The Muppets Take Manhattan

  • The Odd Couple

Movies Coming Later in April

  • Peeples, April 11
  • The Dirties, April 11
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation, April 12
  • Scoop, April 16
  • The Eagle, April 16
  • The Family, April 16
  • The Benchwarmers, April 23

TV Shows Available as of April 1


Hugh Laurie plays Dr. House in medical drama House.
  • House, M.D., all seasons
  • Bob's Burgers, season three
  • Royal Pains, seasons one through four

TV Shows Coming Later in April

  • Short Poppies, season one, April 3
  • Turbo FAST, April 4
  • Legit, season one, April 10
  • The Bible: The Epic Mini Series, April 13
  • R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour April 14
  • A.N.T. Farm, season three, April 20
  • Switched At Birth, season three, April 23
Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

Posted By: Pawan Lubana on

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