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Friday, 1 November 2013

iPad Air vs. Every Other iPad Ever Made

In the battle for speediest tablet, there can be only one victor. In our side-by-side tests of every single full-sized iPad generation ever made, not surprisingly, the Apple iPad Air makes a strong case for supremacy.
Since Apple introduced the iPad in 2010, it's been continually upping the ante on its processor. The very first iPad featured a custom-built A4 mobile CPU, which ran at 1 GHz. The iPad 2 got an upgrade to the more powerful A5 chip. It, too, was clocked at 1 GHz.
But, as with all Apple's ARM-based chips, the performance was more than the sum of its Hertz.
When the iPad 3 came along, it included a huge graphic performance boost, thanks to the A5x chip. The A6, which arrived with the iPhone 5, added performance and new digital photography chops to the phone and the iPad 4, which arrived in November of 2012.
This year brought the A7 chip and a new set of iPhones and iPads. The 1 lb., .29 inch iPad Air not only looks and feels different, it performs differently too.
To see the real-world changes wrought by Apple's component updates across the five generations of iPad, we put them all in one room and performed a series of simple, illustrative tests. The iPad Air is on the far right. Next to it is the iPad 4 Retina, followed by the iPad 3, then the iPad 2 and, finally, the heftier iPad 1.
Caution: watching this video may lead to standing in line for the iPad Air line at your local Apple store Friday.
  • Apple-ipadair-thumbnail

    Holding the Apple iPad Air

    Apple's iPad Air takes the tablets design to a new level of portability. At just one pound and 0.29 inch thick, the tablet is light enough to hold with just your fingertips.
  • Ipadair-box

    iPad Air Box

    The only notable thing about the iPad Air box is that it's smaller than any full-size iPad box that's come before it.
  • Ipadair-6-lock-and-volume-buttons

    iPad Air side view

    As you can see, the lock switch and volume buttons are still on the side.
  • Ipadair-back

    iPad Air Back

    Aside from the "space gray" aluminum, there's nothing remarkable about the back of the iPad Air. You can see the iSight camera in the upper left corner.
  • Ascani_ipadair-25

    iPad Air's iSight Camera

    This is pretty much the same camera you'll find on the previous iPad and on the iPhone 5C.
  • Ipadair-8op-audio-jack-power-mic

    iPad Air Top Edge

    The top edge features the 3.5mm audio jack, microphone opening and the power/sleep button.
  • Ipadair-speakers-and-lighting-port

    iPad Air Speakers and Lighting Port

    Another look at that very thin edge.
  • Ipadair-bottom-edge-detail

    iPad Air Bottom Edge

    You'll find the speakers and Lightning port on the bottom edge of the iPad Air.
  • Ipad-air-in-case-on-box

    iPad Air in Smart Case

    The new iPad Air fits snugly into the leather Smart Case.
  • Ipadair-bottom-view-with-isight-camera

    iPad Air Bottom View

    Another look at the bottom of the iPad Air.
  • Ipadair-next-to-ipad-retina-detail

    iPad Air Slims Down

    Compared with previous iPads, the iPad Air (left) is also considerably thinner.
  • Ipadair-next-to-ipad-retina-base-view

    A Smaller iPad

    The iPad Air is considerably smaller than the iPad 4 (bottom).
  • Ipad-retina-ipad-air-ipad-mini

    iPads of All Shapes and Sizes

    At the bottom is an iPad 4. In the middle is the much smaller iPad Air (with the same size screen). On top is the iPad Mini (Gen 1).
  • Ipadair-thin-light

    iPad Air is Thin and Light

    It's fun to hold it like this, but not particularly useful.
  • Ipadair-in%2520new-ipad-air-home%2520screen

    iPad Air in New Smart Case

    If you've seen iOS 7 before, then the home screen is quite familiar. Even if you haven't, it still looks just like an iPad.
  • Ipadair-in%2520new-ipad-air-leather-smart-case-other-side

    New iPad Air Smart Case

    The new Smart Case is leather and fits the iPad Air perfectly. It's easy to put on and a bit tricky to take off. It also doubles as a stand. It lists for $79.
  • Ipadair-in%2520new-ipad-air-leather-smart-case-rear-view

    Smart Case Rear View

    The case features an opening for the camera, speakers and Lightning port. Other buttons are covered, but still entirely usable.
  • Ipadair-in-smart-case-beside-smart-cover

    iPad Air in Smart Case Beside Smart Cover

    Don't want to cover the iPad Air's shiny back? Try the smart cover. It costs $39.
  • Ipadair-with-ipad-mini-on-top-size-difference-2

    iPad Air With iPad Mini on Top

    They share many of the same specs, but the iPad Air is considerably larger than the iPad Mini.
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